New and Second User Safes for Media and Documents

Protect your records and data from fire and theft with our comprehensive range of solutions. All safes supplied by Warwick Fraser are tested and certified to Europe's most stringent standards and recommended by leading insurance companies.

Polaris New Generation Data Media Safes

The Polaris range is a new generation of data media cabinets, tested and certified to withstand a fire for 2 hours, including 9 metre drop test. Data media can be mixed and stored efficiently, especially CD/DVD’s, DLT/LTO’s DAT’s and ZIP drives. 

Tested to EN1047-1 and certified by ECB.S to the fire resistance of S120 DIS, American UL to class 125 2 H.

Secure Data Media Safes

Styled specially for office environments, The Secure Data Media Safe is designed for the protection of data media. Offering low cost storage but with 120 minutes of fire protection. 

Secure Line Safes are tested to Fire Protection for Data Media and certified to NT Fire 017 120 minutes.

Second User Media Fire Safes

All second user fire safes are resprayed externally and fully checked, including door seals and locks by qualified safe engineers.

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