Transit and Flight Cases for Media, Laptops, Computer Equipment plus 19" Rackmounts. Lightweight or heavy duty Transit Cases

Warwick Fraser’s success in the design and manufacture of Transit Cases is based on the ability to provide quality products in a variety of materials with unlimited flexibility in size and design at competitive prices.

We produce containers for any application from media transit, archive storage, instrumentation, on the road exhibitions and hire equipment etc., in fact we have an option to suit every need.

Available in a wide range of finishes and colours!

Full flight cases made to your specifications including…

19? Rack mounting
Lift off lids
Recessed handles and locks
Retractable handles
Heavy duty wheels
Butterfly locks

Portable Workstations and Hot Desking

Custom cases for mobile computer workstations, printers, modems and all interfacing components can be built into one rugged briefcase

Variety of exterior coverings
Custom built
Detachable lid
Built in transformer
Space for Documentation

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