Discreet routing

Organising data and power cables is probably one of the most important factors in solving your current problems. Our design team can provide the best cable management system from a choice of options to suit site requirements.

With our solutions, cables can be easily managed from the front of the unit in a well organised layout to suit equipment location and individual cable lengths.

Large capacity insulated finger trunking is provided vertically at the rear of each upright allowing cables to enter at any level.

Horizontal flick open cable loops are located at rear of worktop and all shelf levels for ease of access. An optional deep wire tray is also available for high volume situations.

Server Caddys

Designed to operate under the unit providing maximum accessibility to individual or groups of towers. Hinged rear cable support to ensure power and data connectivity.

Raised Walkway

Provides ideal cost effective platform over cabling when raised floor facility is not available. Simply walk over mesh frame to access rear of units

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