One of the most space efficient DataStack Automated Storage Carousel and effective document management systems available. DataStack is ideal for busy active filing areas but keeps the equipment footprint to a minimum.

Based on a vertical carousel system, DataStack consists of a series of vertically rotating shelves controlled by an electronic keypad. In this way thousands of documents can be stored within a single unit, yet retrieved in seconds at the touch of a keypad.

DataStack is the ultimate in hard copy retrieval. Its capacity is equal to at least 16 traditional 4 drawer filing cabinets.

DataStack can be fully integrated with electronic document management systems. Files are quickly brought direct to the user at the touch of a button, serving one floor or several, the DataStack is as essential to your office as a PC.



DataStack can be built to virtually any height - right
up to ceiling or, in new buildings, even through
several floors to provide multi-level access for
many departments
Range of front light pelmets to suit working
Shelf heights can vary to accommodate different
Wide range of keypads offer stand-alone databases for fully integrated control of files
Units can be fitted with fire protection systems to provide ultimate security
Automatically opening and closing doors ensure a
high level of security and cleanliness
Light beam highlights selected items for quick collection and return
A range of reference tables can be positioned either at seated or standing height

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